Wave – ultrasound tracking

The interconnection of the real and digital world in Industry 4.0 creates new challenges in the analysis of flows of goods and the design of transparent processes. A key role is played by the real-time tracking of goods and the time-critical provision of materials in warehousing and production logistics.

The Telocate Wave ultrasound tracking system is an alternative to radio-based technologies in the building. The system consists of stationary receivers installed in the building and mobile transmitters, the Wave Tags.

With a dynamic accuracy of up to 10 cm Telocate Wave opens new application fields in the navigation in buildings. Goods flows and movement patterns of personnel and material can be tracked precisely and reliably. The patent-pending ultrasonic technology is immune to interference from metallic obstacles, unlike UWB-based techniques. An interface for third-party developers creates space for almost unlimited applications with location-based services.

If you would like to know more about how to equip your intralogistics environment with a Telocate Wave installation, please contact us via email or phone.