Telocate Bracelet – a Precise Social Distancing Support Solution

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The Current Situation

The epidemiologic outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the food service and tourism industry to a considerable extent. Until today crowded places such as schools, restaurants, or even cruise ships have been a key example of scenarios difficult to handle in the COVID-19 crisis. As an effect, the catering trade, cruise shipping, and many other industries have been affected to the highest degree by an economic breakdown. During May 2020 schools and restaurants in many countries were closed or severely limited and almost the whole world fleet of 400 cruise ships had been out of service.

Safety measures, maximum density policies in the shared spaces, and monitoring to ensure compliance of people to regulations are the basis to reestablish operation in the next months. While the necessity of regulations is understood by the majority of people, the cooperation of very young or occasionally unaware people may be a complicated topic.

The Support Solution

Telocate Bracelet

The Telocate Bracelet creates a technology to help as a reminder for social distancing in the form of bracelets worn by people that indicate violation of social distancing policies and warn about hot spots of crowded areas. Telocate, as an expert in the field of precise positioning and metering, has developed this solution of technologically aided social distancing.

The Technology

Telocate’s technology complementing Bluetooth and ultrasound allows for precise distance metering using the ultrasound propagation time. By using modern signal processing methods the technology is robust against ambient noise, which is a central aspect to reliable distance metering. In this way, a large variety of entities like companies, schools, restaurants, and cruise ship operators can guarantee compliance to distance regulations and ensure safety for pupils, guests, and for people in general.