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Logo_finalIn industrial intralogistics, the optimization of picking processes of commissioning is a key factor for the efficiency of companies. As required by the picking order, “pickers” often collect the list of goods for production by hand. This work can lead to unnoticed issues like waste of time, increased physical workload for employees, and increased costs. Therefore, it is important to ensure efficient work processes through process optimization.

So far, the usual approaches in industrial commissioning are manual acquisition of performance data and evaluation of existing process data, e.g. data from scanning the goods and carriers. These methods are usually time consuming, inaccurate and/or difficult to automatize.

The Telocate solution, the FI-ASSIST Analytics platform, provides the ability to automatize process monitoring and evaluation in commissioning, thus provides the following benefits to your intralogistics picking process:

  • Universal tracking of the picking process, even between the picks
  • Splitting the sequence flow into activities (such as picking, walking, dropping, disposal access, or downtime)
  • Creating a basis for MTM modeling (Methods-Time Measurement)
  • Analysis of development over time periods, e.g. comparison between weekdays and shifts, learning curve of new employees, effects of reorganization

The data is recorded using the novel FI-ASSIST localization technology developed by Telocate. The Telocate Wave tag transmits inaudible, harmless ultrasonic pulses that are recorded by acoustic receivers in the building. Telocate Wave is attached to the person, e.g. on a headset or the clothes. With the Telocate system a localization accuracy of 20 cm can be achieved. The following image of a heatmap of recorded data provides an impression of the achievable precision and data availability:

Telocate Heatmap

The frontierCities 2 MAG project FI-ASSIST of Telocate uses FIWARE General Enablers (GE) that place the system architecture on a solid basis in terms of software design and also accelerate the development process. The speed-up is achieved by the ability to re-use existent APIs of FIWARE and by a reduced amount of time for testing self-developed APIs, as reference implementations for GEs are available that have been tested in practical studies.

  • Project name: FI-ASSIST (grant agreement no. 732947,  under  the sub-grant no. 006)
  • Duration: 01. September 2017 – 30. April 2018
  • Horizon 2020 program: frontierCities 2 MAG


eu_logo The project leading to this application has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 732947-Sub-Grant Agreement No. 006.